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Some of these patents are my own engineering works assigned to others.
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I have enjoyed and appreciated the opportunities to assist with these and other inventions:
US 9,776,550: A load binder with a gearbox can be driven by a socket tool or air wrench instead of the typical lever, which can whip around and hit you if it escapes your grasp.
The mechanism may also be adapted as a jack or a top link for tractor implements.
US Patent 9,776,550   US Patent 9,776,550
US 9,751,559 and 10,279,828: Granite countertops can actually be quite fragile, especially if they have holes cut out for sink basins. This machine safely transports granite slabs without twisting (breakage) on soft squishy tires for a gentle ride from the truck.
A motor-driven pivoting frame eliminates back-breaking lifting and twisting tasks and greatly reduced injuries and lost time for the install crews.
US Patent 9,751,559   US Patent 10,279,828
US 10,547,125: An insulation displacement terminal (IDT) uses a pair of pincers facing each other. The wires are inserted from above so their jaws slice into the jackets and grip the wire strands. One size of pincer contact terminal can receive a wide range of wire sizes, so a connector using several wire sizes could use fewer unique parts, which saves quality control documentation costs in critical safety applications like automotive and avionics.
US Patent 10,547,125   US Patent 10,547,125
US Patent 10,547,125

US 10,293,382 and 10,506,764: Certain plants have sap that is so sticky that it can gum up gardening pruners or scissors. This pruner cleaning machine includes reciprocating epicyclic scrubbing discs which remove gummy resins in seconds.
US Patent 10,293,382   US Patent 10,506,764
US D827,736: A design patent also covered by US Utility Patent 10,758,768, the "Ergonomic Strength Conditioning Grip" clips to cable-type weight lifting gym machines. Whether held like a pear or an ice-cream cone (eyelet up or down,) it gives the user a "neutral grip" which is surprisingly comfortable. As the user's fingers find their own natural purchase points in the grooves of the grip, the user can exercise the full strength of the muscles of the shoulders and upper back without discomfort or fatigue in the wrist.
US Design Patent D827,736
US 10,852,104: A continuation-in-part application of US Patent 10,352,668, these patents protect a scope mounting system with which a rifle shooter can finely adjust the distance between the scope and his or her eye. The mount blocks are reversable with the pitches of the pins or grooves in the scope being offset from the spacing of the Pickatinny rail, which allows an addtional layer of fore and aft adjustment of the scope along the rail.
US Patent 10,852,104   US Patent 10,852,104
US 10,806,134: This three-axis adjustable fishing rod holder can clip to almost any part of a boat's railing, stanchions, or other tube structures of the vessel. Once secured, the rod holder can be set for the rod to suspend a lure at a stable and precise desired location while relaxing or attending to other tasks onboard.
US Patent 10,806,134   US Patent 10,806,134
US 10,775,125: "Grip Training Aid" This invention has several different variations that are all covered by the same set of claims. Accurate pistol shooting depends on a shooter keeping a strong solid grip on the handle of the weapon with the lower fingers of the hand while simultaneously executing fine motor control of the trigger finger. The simpler version at left allows the exerise springs to be adjusted independently so that the lower fingers squeeze hard while the upper finger squeezes gently. The more advanced version includes internal lockouts so that its model trigger cannot be pulled unless the grip safety has been squeezed in evenly along its length. A correct trigger pull emits a laser light which can be used to gain point-and-shoot accuracy while not sighting along the weapon.
US Patent 10,775,125   US Patent 10,775,125
US 9,356,394: "Self-Rejecting Connector" This connector snaps on to the squib for an automotive airbag. This invention solves problem of a careless or inattentive auto worker who didn't push the cable in all the way, so it electrically tests 'OK' at the factory, but after years and miles of driving the cable works loose - and the airbag fails to deploy in a crash. To make sure the wiring gets properly connected, the latching and locking mechanisms of the connector will pop the connector off the airbag UNLESS it has been fully inserted and snapped in for good at the factory.
US Patent 9,356,394   US Patent 9,356,394
US 6,236,876: "Navigable Probe and Motor Control Apparatus" is a surgical apparatus which can bend a probe being inserted into a branching vessel such as a bronchial tree or blood vessel so that the probe tip can better "choose" which path to follow as it is being inserted. The paired cables steer the probe up/down or left/right and can even curl probe tip back upon itself (to roughly the size of a candy cane curl, for a 3/8in tubular probe.)
This device causes far less damage by alleviating a surgeon from having to 'poke' numerous times while trying to avoid the probe tip from 'going down the wrong pipe.'
Navigable Probe and Motor Control Apparatus, US 6,236,876
A selection of images from my Tesla turbine research and development project with Frank Germano, Martin Dorantes, and Tad Johnson, for which I was granted US Patents 6,530,802, 6,682,077 and 6,692,232.
These are hand-sketched images of the successful prototypes we built and tested in the years circa 2000 - 2002.
US Patent 6,236,876  US Patent 6,236,876  US Patent 6,236,876
US Patent 6,682,077  US Patent 6,682,077
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